Linear power supplies

Linear power supplies based on an iron core transformer are reliable if not bulky. They include boxed transformers (AC outputs) and regulated output DC supplies. Some regulated supplies have a voltage adjustment which is important for battery charging applications.


VY901 has a 12V regulated output. An adjustment inside allows fine setting for charging an external battery. The supply includes a timer relay with volt free relay output and an exit button input.

  • 230Vac 50/60Hz input, 12-18V 3A output
  • Internal timer 0-30 secs
  • Exit button input, volt free timer relay output
  • Dimensions 185 x 78 x 65mm


18V linear DC power supply used on Regatta audio systems. Thermal fuse protection.

  • 230Vac 50/60Hz input, 18V 10VA output
  • Dimensions 185 x 78 x 65mm


321 power supply is a simple boxed transformer with 13Vac output at 1amp. A thermal fuse provides limited overload protection.

Art.122 regulator

A 2 function module. A voltage reducer gives a 12Vdc regulated output from a 15V to 24V input. Also, includes a single pole relay (N/O and N/C contacts).