Gate automation





Universal wiring scheme

The purpose of a universal wiring scheem is to help competant but inexperienced fitters achieve success wiring an automation system for the first time. The scheme has been devised to allow connection of all common access controls and safety devices. We can even advise on connecting new items outside our library.

We recommend standard eight core cable. Most are colour coded, so for convenience, we have recommended a colour for each wire. Numbered cables can be used instead.

It is a bus wiring scheme, allocating each wire to a function. A new device is added to the wiring at the most convenient point. Connect the new device wires to the existing wiring, linking similar colours.

TerminalFunctionSuggested colour
A Accessory power Red
B Switched power
C Common Black
D1 Main Door input Green
D2 Pedestrian door input-
E Edge input White
F1 Fotobeam input 1 Yellow
F2 Fotobeam input 2 -
- -spare- Brown
- Audio Brown
Site cabling

The electric gate maybe part of a whole driveway renovation project involving re-surfacing and driveway lighting. The same applies to new build projects. Make sure the driveway contractors are briefed to install the right cables and ducts. Ducts should be marked if carrying mains cable. It is easy in the confusion to overlook the most obvious services.

Where possible, it is always better to get cables run underground in ducts. It allows additional cables to be run later if required. We also recommend the cables be run down the duct before the duct is buried, because ducts on building sites are apt to get blocked, despite the care builders are reknown for.

All systems will require an armoured mains supply. It should be connected into a fuse box with RCD protection, or as recommended by a competant person electrician. It would be negligent not to include a communications cable in the same duct, even if you have no plans at present for an intercom. As this is an installtion in a notifiable area, the installation is covered by part P of the building regulations.

Gate post provision

Existing gate will only require a duct from one gate post to the other. The protection depends on the type of motors used. It is sensible in view of the drive width (about 4m) to install a cable duct with at least a 40mm inside diameter. The cross drive duct will need to take motor and control cables, but could be invaluable for future needs like perimeter lighting or a mains socket for a hedge trimmer.

For new gates, there will be wall and pier/post foundations. Extra care should be taken for levels on sliding gates or underground motors. Sample brick pier plans are available for builders to .


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