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Access Control

There have been many stylish remotes issued with FORESEE openers. All these remotes are compatible. Each remote has a unique identifying code. Control panels can store dozens of remote codes, depending on the model.


Opening a gate need not be limited to hand held remotes. The are many additional devices to consider giving the owner more control or monitoring. A simple waterproof push button in a suitably secure place or inside the house is an easy wire-in to the control panel. The FA61 and FA63 keyswitches are simple and cost effective.


The easy fit FA62 is a wireless keypad that will send a radio signal when the a preset combination is typed in. It has four codes to operate four openers, or other automation devices. The buttons even light up for use at night. It is battery operated, so all you need to instal it is a couple of screws.


For more complex devices, the controller provides a 12Vdc power supply. The K81 is a high quality metal keypad for high duty use. The keys are back lit with a blue glow for low light operation. Any number up to 6 digits can be programmed in. A 'stay open' time can also be programmed into this device.


This is a specific application using the mobile 'phone network. The device receives a call from the client's phone, checks that the caller is authorised, then opens the gate. These devices are frequently used on automatic gates with many users. Similar devices have the added ability to send the client an SMS message when the gate is opened, or even send an alarm to the client if there is an attempted break in.


Smartphones are now a part of modern life. So why not use the smartphone as an opener?. There are many wireless technlogies, the most prominent being Bluetooth. A simple Bluetooth receiver can unlock the gate whenever the smartphone is nearby, then prompt the client to open the gate using a virtual button on the smartphone. Other apps interface with home automation systems such as X10 systems.

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