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AVANTI (F600) – Ram Motor


AVANTI (F600) - 24v Worm drive motor

Model F-600 (24V / DC)
Rated power supply (V) 230V AC 50 / 60Hz
Motor voltage (V) 24DC
Input power (W) 100
Ambient temperature (℃) -20 ~ +50
Maximum door weight (kg) 350
Maximum Width (M) 2.5
Maximum opening angle (°) 120
Maximum stroke (mm) 350
Maximum opening area (㎡) 20

RIO-S control panels apply lower power in the slowed down end of travel zone. The pressure builds up indicating a physical end of travel, then the power is shut off. AVANTI has adjustable rubber stops fitted under the shaft set at each end of travel. The closed and open stops can be replaced by a gate centre stop oand open stops. Stroke length can be increased by 50mm by removing the adjustable stops, but this will not increase the gate opening angle.


There is a manual release key point in the top of the opener. For open barred gates, this release is accessible through the bars. For security, the release key is a unique 5 faced type. Rotate by half a turn to de-clutching the motor allowing the gate to be pushed open by hand. After manual release, the gates the control panel power should be switched off.



In case of a power failure, the RIO-S has a battery charger and space for a 24V pack, so the manual release may never be required. The light duty pack will last in standby for 10 hours and operate a few times. A larger pack is available for high duty gates.


AVANTI sets come with two double button remotes. Channel 1 opens the gate fully. The other channel can optionally be set to partially open the gate for pedestrians, or to operate another device such as a garage door or gate. The full open function is also available as a hardwire input for a wired keypad on intercom.


AVANTI motor speed ramps up to spped in mid travel, then decelerates to the end of travel. This soft start and stop is automatically set during programming. Stop positions are set by physical limits on the shaft, or by the gate's end of travel. The maximum swing of a ram is 120 degrees for very light gates, but this depends on geometry.

The RIO-S control panel features amperometric PSR (pressure sensitive reversal but current sensing). If the gate is slowed by an external force, such as meeting an obstacle, the current in the motor increases. RIO-S senses the unexpected change, stops the gate, then reverses it.

Standard sets include a photobeam and two remotes. There are photobeam inputs for re-open and for stop in either direction. Additional safety devices may be required following a risk assessment.


Like all short stroke rams, AVANTI geometry only suits relatively small posts. The 320mm stroke length favours A and B dimensions of about 130mm, though removal of the stops adds 50mm to the stroke length. Dimension C is the critical site measurement to take. If C is greater than 3" and you will need to modify the post. D depends on the hole used.

Brick piers usually need to be modified for rams. AVANTI has a low profile, so often only one brick needs to be taken out. The fixing into the remaining brickwork must be strong, so the steel bracket may need to be supplimented with a steel hole liner.

AVANTI can replace an existing low voltage ram set because it is slimmer than most rams, and has a slightly longer stroke length. The full stroke (closed position) mounting hole centres with adjustable stop is 745mm (or 765mm without stop). It will probably be necessary to reposition the gate bracket, but that is relatively easy.



We recommend the wireless keypad or wireless button. Each channel of either wireless device can be code to the full opening, or partial opening if that option has been set. The wireless button is not secure, so it is less likely to be coded in as a full opening device.

Avanti Motor Manual
RIO-S Control Manual
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