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PICO (F550) – Sliding Gate Motor

F500 motor

PICO (F550) - Sliding Gate Motor

Model F-550
Rated voltage AC230V 50 / 60Hz
Motor voltage (Vac) twenty four
Input power (W) 250
Ambient temperature (℃) -20 ~ +50
Maximum door weight (kg) 600
Running speed (m / min) ≥11
Motor speed (rpm) 3000 ± 200
Maximum stroke (mm) 350
Maximum opening area (㎡) 20

PICO features PSR (pressure sensitive reversal). If the gate is slowed by an external force, such as meeting an obstacle, the gate motor will slow up, and ultimately stall. Most low voltage motors monitor the power in the motor to detect the stall, but the accepted best method is to use a speed sensor on the motor shaft. The PICO's optical encoder also tells the controller the gate position for accurate deceleration points.




The manual release lever is built into the face of the motor housing. It is released by a key at the top. The lever hinges down to ground level de-clutching the motor allowing the gate to be pushed by hand. When the motor is released, a switch disables the control panel for safety reasons. This release requires only very light pressure to disconnect, suitable for people with weak hands.


In case of a power failure, the PICO has battery charger and space for a 24V pack, so the manual release may never be required. The light duty pack will last in standby for 10 hours and operate a few times. A larger pack is available for high duty gates.



PICO sets come with two double button remotes. Channel 1 opens the gate fully. The other channel can optionally be set to partially open the gate for pedestrians, or to operate another device such as a garage door or gate. The full open function is also available as a hardwire input for a wired keypad on intercom.



Thanks to the DC motor, the gate is able to ramp up to speed, then slow down towards the end of travel. This soft start and stop is automatically set during programming. The final stop positions are set by limit switches operated by skis fitted to the toothed rack.


PICO is available in two versions, F550 for lighter domestic gates and F560 for heavier gates on commercial sites. There is no restriction to the length of the gate, but longer gates will take longer to open. Standard sets include a photbeam and two remotes. Additional safety devices may be required following a risk assessment. For example, the barred gate in the picture has a shear hazard on every bar. Infilled wooden gates are easier to protect

Sliding gates are very economical and space efficient, popular for short drives. It is more difficult to force sliding gates so they are more secure. On the down side, they are slower to open and involve more groundwork. Sliding gates are becoming more popular as land prices and home security become priorities. There is a range of hardware sets available for tracked and cantilever gates. Sets include the track, wheels and rollers for a manual gate. Toothed rack is an additional pack.

We recommend the wireless keypad or wireless button. Each channel of either wireless device can be code to the full opening, or partial opening if that option has been set. The wireless button is not secure, so it is less likely to be coded in as a full opening device.

F550 PICO Manual
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