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RETRO (F650) – Articulated Motor


RETRO (F650) - Articulated Arm Motor

Model F-700
Rated voltage (Vac) 220
Rated frequency (Hz) 50/60
Opening time (s / 90 °) 18
Input power ( W ) 250
Current ( A ) 1.3
Maximum door weight ( kg ) 500
Single fan maximum door width ( m ) 2
Maximum stroke (mm) 350
Maximum opening area (㎡) 20

Two limit switches fixed to the motor shaft stop the motor in the open and closed positions. An adjustment tool to set the cams is stored on the RETRO chasis plate. A centre stop is not required in the drive.



A manual release lever is secured behind a lockable hatch on each motor body. The door can be left unlocked for clients prone to loosing keys. The lever disengages the motor with surprisingly light pressure allowing the gate to swing manually.

Swing gates are less resistant to forcing than sliding gates. An electric lock triggered from the control panel can be fitted to one leaf to lock into the ground, levels permitting. The first leaf is secured between the centre stop and the locking gate. There is a key release in the lock in case of a power failure. Electric locks take any forces on the gate away from the opener. Forces are exerted on boarded wooden gates by wind.




RIO-R control panel has a current sensitive PSR (pressure sensitive reversal). If the gate is slowed by an external force, such as meeting an obstacle, the gate motor will slow up, and ultimately stall. ACIM motors are safe in stall mode, unlike DC drives. There are slow down zones at the end of travel. They are set with a one touch automatic run time calibrator. Slow down points are set as a percentage of full travel time.


Articulated arm motors are ideal for fitting to existing gates. They are particularly useful on brick piers where conventional ram motors have a problem with geometry. Limit switches eliminate the need for a centre stop, so RETRO also scores well on uneven drives or gates opening uphill.

As the motor remains still (unlike a ram) the cabling is fixed and more reliable. The one model fits either side of the gate onto a chassis plate. The arms limit opening angle to 120 degrees. The geometry is versatile allowing for all hinge and gate post options. RETRO is also a good alternative for barn style garage doors. Standard RETRO sets include a photbeam and two remotes. Additional safety devices may be required following a risk assessment. For example, the scissor hazard of the two part arm. An additional set of photobeams inside the property might be advised.

The control panel has an electric lock option.

We recommend the wireless keypad or wireless button. Each channel of either wireless device can be code to the full opening, or partial opening if that option has been set. The wireless button is not secure, so it is less likely to be coded in as a full opening device.

Retro Motor Manual
Rio-R Control Manual
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