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Remote Controls

There have been many stylish remotes issued with FORESEE openers. All these remotes are compatible. Each remote has a unique identifying code. Control panels can store dozens of remote codes, depending on the model.


Remotes have either two or four buttons. Control panels can be set to open the gate on channel 1, 2, 3, or 4. The gate is normally set to work on channel which is the top left button because it is a different shape. On most control panels, there is a pedestrian function that can be allocated to a different button.

Remotes can be set to open a FORESEE automated garage door with spare buttons. Most other makes of door opener can be made to work by adding a FORESEE receiver to the opener. These receivers can be used to operate other home automation such as awnings, pool covers, sliding doors, or external lighting.


Remotes have a range of about 50M across open ground. Range is reduced by walls and metal objects. Metal doors reduce remote range significantly. An aerial is fixed to every opener, which can be extended if range is poor.


Each controller can store dozens of remotes. If you loose a remote control, there is a routine to clear the memory so that your house security is not at risk.


Possibly the simplest device to fit is this handy remote button. It can be fixed to a wall or any flat surface with a single screw.

No wiring is required. The FR11 is another 2 channel remote in a wall clip. And if you lose a remote - no problem, just unclip the FR11 and pop it in your pocket.


You might prefer to use the remote's second button for any number of applications, such as sun blinds, a pool cover, garden lighting or even garden irrigation.

We have a suitable radio receiver and control relays to help make your home automated the FORESEE way. And if you need more channels to satisfy your passion for automation, there are a range of remotes to help.


Controlling an automatic gate is one of the most popular applications for extar buttons on your remote. The FR46 four button remote has a single large button for the main gate, and three smaller for door openers.

The FORESEE receiver can be wired into any gate opener control panel with a suitable power supply. We also have a range of gate opener sets to suit existing gates.

Remotes have a range of about 50M in open space. Range is reduced by buildings, and particularly with metalwork. Range can be improved with an aerial fixed to the receiver or door opener.

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