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Security Devices

There have been many stylish remotes issued with FORESEE openers. All these remotes are compatible. Each remote has a unique identifying code. Control panels can store dozens of remote codes, depending on the model.


Most domestic gates are a good deterent, but are low security. A vehicle revved up against a gate will bend and break metal. Gates can be fitted with sensors to switch on drive lights, ring bells, set off alarms, all of which may put off a potential thief. Most vehicles these days are impossible to hot wire, so the car keys are the first target of a break in.


Some FORESEE motors are 24Vdc. These types have a battery backup option. In the event of a power cut a set of batteries will switch in seamlessly. The number of operations and time on standby depends on the gate size and battery size. Solar panel charging may also employed to extend battery life. It is possible to have a solar panel charger to keep the batteries chargerd all the time, therefore eliminating the mains supply on gates at the end of a long drive where there is no other power. However, sunshine cannot be guaranteed in UK, so these systems may let you down.


The security and stability of single or double leaf automatic swing gates can be considerably enhanced by fitting an electric lock. The controllers have a standard output for 12V strikes, or can be interfaced to locking magnets. Consideration also needs to be given to releasing locks in the event of a power or mechanical failure. Locking magnets are simple and effective on both counts.


All openers are fitted with a manual disconnect device, usually by a low security key. In most cases, you must be able to get into your drive to get to the opener, possibly through a pedestrian gate. Where there is no access, a 24V system with battery backup is a useful option. The security cord release solves the dilemma by connecting the cord release to the back of the manual release.


Automatic gate closure is the normal programming option, but can be disabled. But can you really be sure the gate closed properly behind you? For an extra level of confidence, an alarm can be wired in to send a text or trigger the house alarm if the gate stays open. It is often because of dirt or shrubbery in front of the photobeam, so a weekly check is a good precaution. Thieves however could put a discrete block over the beam to prevent the gate closing the next time. To be fully protected the gate should be included as a zone on the house alarm panel.

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