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V40 "CASA" (4-wire) Video Intercom

4-Wire video entry kit based on the IPSO series design incorporating two way speech, electronic call tone and lock release facility. The door station is available surface mounting with 1 call buttons with a back lit name plate. The handset is wall mounted with a lock release button and multiple call tone volume control. Up to 4 handsets can be connected in entry panel.

The S88 10” high definition colour LCD videophone for the V40, V46 and VY500/502 videokits. Complete with lock release, camera recall, timed privacy. These videokits offers a number of new operating features and allows greater flexibility for installation.

  • Up to 3 peripheral devices connected in parallel to each videophone (additional videophone, extension sounder, telephone handset etc.)
  • Disability Friendly - Acoustic & Visual signalling of the system status (busy, call in progress, conversation in progress and door open signalling)
  • Intercommunication between internal videophones.
  • Local call tone which is different from the external push button call tone.
  • Power supply can be connected to the videophone or the outdoor station.
  • Dry relay contacts for electric lock