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i46 "iPSO" (IP/Smartphone) Video Intercom [w/o Keypad]

As well as being an accomplished performer, the IPSO panel is also incredibly easy to instal. At it's most simple it needs only a power supply and an antenna, both supplied with the kit. There is an optional connection to a button and door release if you want the IPSO to open a door.


The antenna is for a WiFi connection to the home router. There is an alternative wired connection if the panel is beyond your router's range. The panel is connected to the router using a smartphone already on the home's network. First, the smartphone needs to have the APP downloaded from the Apple store or Android store. The APP the steers you to connecting the IPSO panel to the router.


Once the first phone is connected, three more phones can be added manually outside the home network. These four phones will all receive calls. Any number of phones can have the APP downloaded and be given the panels password, allowing them to view the camera pictures and open the door.


iPSO Intercom Manual
iPSO Intercom Manual