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Wifi/Smartphone Relay

i16 - Wifi Remote Control Relay Switch

The A-i16 Allows you to trigger a relay and operate many different devices using your smart phone or computer. With this accessory, you will not have to upgrade your original devices to setup a smart home/gate system.

A-i22 - WiFi Access Controller

The A-i26 is a discreet surface mounted access controller that is operated by the users smart phone. It has its own internal WiFi router that has a range of approximately 25m. Your smart phone controls the 2 relays via this WiFI connection. The A-i26 recognises your phones unique IMEI number and activates the relay when it comes into proximity. You can set the A-i26’s relays to automatically trigger or after a password is inputted via the APP. Recognizes up to 30,000 users.